Trance of a Lifetime - Fall Edition

Liberating the Mind Beyond Goals

This 8 day experience will introduce you to my newest and most transformative work.  It will be a blend of coaching/therapy techniques along with consciousness expanding exercises for your own transformation.

This is the most practical rendition yet!  You’ll learn how to seamlessly build new skills and new ways of being into your everyday Life.

What Will We Learn?

You will learn a LARGE collection of processes for Mind Liberating Language Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching and Rhizomatic Hypnotherapy based on the transpersonal work of Carl Jung, the neuroscientific work of Hoffman, Hofstadler, Feldman-Barrett, and the psychedelic research of Carhart- Harris integrated with more spiritual traditions like Hawaiian Huna, Buddhism, and other Esoteric Contemplative Traditions.  (Whew! That was a long one!)

It’s as new as it can be, New.  If you liked or have been interested in Trance of a Lifetime I hold each Spring, this may be for you. The structure, format and pricing will be very similar, but the content will be almost completely different. (Maybe about 1-2 days of overlap at the most.)

A Sampling of Major Topics Covered:


Beyond Goals 4.0 Creating & Transcending New Identities

How do you cultivate and/or transcend a new identity in everyday life?  What is the structure of unconscious habit development and how can you harness it?  How can you leverage neuroplasticity to create new productive habits throughout your daily routine?  This is the most robust and practical set processes I’ve developed thus far.  So simple, yet so effective. 

Mind Liberating Language

This is my more recent transformational linguistic model that combines non-linear inductive language patterns with embodied approaches which operate more fundamental areas of the brain.  So it is not just a “head” model, it deeply effects heart and gut.

Also included is the Changing Relationships Paradigm  which is a way to work systemically at the level of relationships of elements of an issue,  as much as the elements themselves.   This is an easy and structured approach to using non-linear inductive language in its simplest forms, along with quantum perceptual positions and Rhizomatic Principles.   How simple can a construction be and still be effective?

Fractal Rhizome Model Parts Integration Model

This is the main parts model I use which works extremely well in concert with my basic coaching model.  It is an integrated set of skills and techniques which are based on time- tested Rhizomatic Principles.  You will learn to to use elements of the problem to create significant generalized change, how to leverage values, set-up embodied cognition interventions, as well as using regression to reconsolidate introjects.

Rhizomatic Hypnotherapy

A more down-time approach to Hypnotic Coaching,  this uses embodied hypnotic induction Integrated within Rhizomatic Principles and Jungian Depth Psychology and to create powerful conscious-unconscious dissociation and other hypnotic phenomena. 

Brainwave Cultivation and Utilization in coaching and therapy.

How to create the context for different brainwave states to allow greater rapport between the personal conscious, unconscious, and collective unconscious. As I like to say, “Different information hangs-out at different brain wave frequencies.”   You’ll learn many nuances and keys to changing your own brain wave states.  And of course, you’ll learn how to easily integrate this into your coaching and therapy style.


Who is this course designed for?

This is an advanced course which predominately attracts dedicated folks who are already Master Practitioners and Trainers. You will be learning information which is really beyond the classic NLP information, but unquestionably builds upon it.

While this course certainly presupposes a solid background in basic NLP skills, my style of teaching is to teach to multiple levels. If you listen to the preparation material before coming to the live course, you will be ready to roll. We’ve had folks with less experience who have had exceptional experience where they got a lot more than they thought they could.

I recommend you listen to the preparation material multiple times, if possible. It is not important that you fully understand everything, nor do you need to be able to do everything you hear, but rather be acquainted with the content so it becomes more familiar. There is no substitute for repetition.

I offer a Master Practitioner Certification for those who are interested in that. In those cases, to fulfill the classic Master Practitioner requirements you will receive MP3 preparation material that will acquaint you with classic material. There is a brief written review which you are required to complete before receiving your certificate. You can complete this at any time.

Training Details

Course Dates

September 30 – October 8, 2023

October 4th is a day off

Course Location

Flying Pig Farm
1401 Confederate Rd.
Madison, Ga 30650



Non-Refundable Enrollment Deposit to hold your seat: $500.00 Includes all Pre-course MP3 downloads and pdf manuals. 



Minimum Eligibility

Certified Practitioner of NLP or Past Practitioner Coaching Experience. 


Certified Hypnotherapist Requisites

  1. Certified Practitioner of NLP
  2. Successful completion of course
  3. Approved previous Hypnosis training or DVD Package (additional fee)
  4. One time fee of $200

Certified Coach Requisites

  1. Certified Practitioner of NLP and/or HNLP
  2. Successful completion of course
  3. One time fee of $200

Certified Master Coach Requisites

  1. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and/or HNLP
  2. Certified Coach
  3. Successful completion of course
  4. 500 hours of documented paid coaching experience
  5. One time fee of $200

Master Practitioner of NLP/HNLP Requisites

  1. Certified Practitioner of NLP
  2. Successful completion of course
  3. Completed listening to Classic Master Practitioner Pre-course MP3 and
    successful completion of accompanying Linguistic Analyses and Written Review
  4. One time fee of $200 which includes the Master Practitioner Pre-course MP3.
      (The MP3 alone is  $395.00.)

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