Trance of a LIfetime 2020

This training is truly a one-of-a-kind "experience." Each ToaLT is different because it reflects what I have been developing each year. The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual. The venue is setting where you'll love to just BE and take it all in.

This Training will...

tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttTake your linguistic skills to an entirely new level
tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttTake your hypnotic coaching skills to an entirely new level
Take your personal evoloution to an entirely new level
tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttBE AWESOME!

I teach 100% of the training and supervise all of the exercises, so you'll get lots of one to one supervision. In addition to everything you'll read about below, we usually we have several informal sessions on other topics as the training gets to cruising altitude.

The content and processes will feature Linguistic Alchemy which is really a new integration of classic Ericksonian Approaches and Attention-Shifting Coaching. The training will begin with the foundations of Attention-Shifting Coaching and progress to more advanced attention-shifting linguistic patterns based on proven brain research. There will also be new information and processes for effectively short-circuiting fear-based states, that are amazingly simple and effective.

At the end of most days, the training will also feature unique and safe, effective entrainment sessions to help you culture exceptional states of performance and consciousness. I included these for the first time last year and these segments were perhaps the most popular. You'll have the opportunity to integrate what you've learned, do personal work, or just explore different states of consciousness you experience from the entrainment sequences. A nice way to complete the training each day.

If you are interested in the evolution of Attention-Shifting Coaching and Trance of a Lifetime, please
click here.
Sampling of Major Topics covered:

• HNLP Beyond Goals Model (in preparation material)

• The Nature of Change based on new Neuro-science

• Attention-Shifting Coaching Model

• Directionalized Ambiguity Linguistic Model

• Advanced use of Dissociation

• Brain-Based Leverage Points to Short-Circuit Fear-Based States

• Brain Wave Entrainment for Exceptional States of Consciousness

• Linguistic Elegance Drills...And much more

Are you interested in learning...

• How All You Are is Change, and having direct experiences of this?

• What are newest findings in neuro-science that give us precise tips for how to run our nervous system?

• How to use the elements of the problem to create the solution?

• How to split synesthesias?

• What are the crucial non-verbal skills - not usually taught or perhaps recognized - to effectively deliver transformative language patterns?

• How do you create one sentence interventions?

• How can you powerfully use confusion, uncertainty, not knowing for significant change and deeper trance phenomena?

• How can you use of predicate calculus markers to create altered states

• How to seamlessly transition from ASC (up-time coaching) to more of a downtime trance

• How can you create exceptional states of consciousness through manipulation of your brain waves?

• What would your life be like having more "Aha" experiences that you can cultivate willfully?

• All the things not mentioned, that you haven't yet considered...that are important

• And way more...
Who is the course designed for?

This is an advanced course which predominately attracts dedicated folks who are already Master Practitioners and Trainers. You will be learning information which is really beyond the classic NLP information, but unquestionably builds upon it.

While this course certainly presupposes a solid background in basic NLP skills, my style of teaching is to teach to multiple levels. If you listen to the preparation material before coming to the live course, you will be ready to roll. We've had folks with less experience who have had exceptional experience where they got a lot more than they thought they could.

I recommend you listen to the preparation material multiple times, if possible. It is not important that you fully understand everything, nor do you need to be able to do everything you hear, but rather be acquainted with the content so it becomes more familiar. There is no substitute for repetition.

I offer a Master Practitioner Certification for those who are interested in that. In those cases, to fulfill the classic Master Practitioner requirements you will receive MP3 preparation material that will acquaint you with classic material. There is a brief written review which you are required to complete before receiving your certificate. You can complete this at any time.
Minimum Eligibility:

Certified Practitioner of NLP
Past Practitioner Coaching Experience (Contact me if you have questions about this.)

Course Dates:
April 25 - May 3, 2020
April 29 is a day off
Hours: 1pm - 7pm- Some days may run later

Course Location:
Flying Pig Farm
1401 Confederate Rd.
Madison, Ga 30650

Early Bird Registration by March 25, 2020: $3995.00
Registration after March 25, 2020: $4295.00
Non-Refundable Enrollment Deposit to hold your seat: $500.00 Includes all Pre-course MP3 downloads and pdf manuals.
Balance of Non-Refundable Early Bird Rate must be paid in full by March 25, 2020.

Optional Certifications and Requirements
Master Practitioner of NLP and HNLP Requisites:
1. Certified Practitioner of NLP
2. Successful completion of course
3. Completed listening to Classic Master Practitioner Pre-course MP3 and
successful completion of accompanying Linguistic Analyses and Written Review
4. One time fee of $200 which includes the Master Practitioner Pre-course MP3 and
Conversational Change Beyond Words MP3 (The MP3s alone are $350 value.)

Certified Coach Requisites:
1. Certified Practitioner of NLP and/or HNLP
2. Successful completion of course
3. One time fee of $200

Certified Master Coach Requisites:
1. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and/or HNLP
2. Certified Coach
3. Successful completion of course
4. 500 hours of documented of paid coaching experience
5. One time fee of $200

Certified Hypnotherapist Requisites:
1. Certified Practitioner of NLP
2. Successful completion of course
3. Approved previous Hypnosis training or DVD Package (additional fee)
4. One time fee of $200.