This Is Not NLP

That’s right… This is not NLP. This is something else. Over the years, I have spent WAY more time looking outside of NLP and Hypnosis to create the material for my trainings.

Why? Because continuing to look inside the NLP and Hypnosis field is more of a history class about what was “revolutionary” many years ago. That’s old “news” and in many cases not relevant, or even true, based on modern neuroscience, and so many other newer related fields. Even worse, NLP “experts” debate what is the “right” way to do dusty, stale, processes from the frozen past. Fine for them, but not for me. Clients don’t care about any of this. People interested in growing and becoming the best they can be, don’t either.

The question is: “What’s ‘revolutionary,’ now, and how can you use it?”

So, while this training is informed by some of the basic processes in NLP and Hypnosis it is WAY beyond, more concise and practical, than what is often taught as a Practitioner training. I couldn’t teach it, otherwise. This training draws from important, but often little-known, findings from neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics, eastern philosophy, embodied cognition, non-linear dynamics, along with lots of clinical and life experience. You’ll learn lots of new, powerful, ways of effectively navigating your life, which I’ve developed from all these new findings.


Wouldn’t you want to know the best ways to thrive within change, through uncertainty, and help others do the same?

For a “basic” training, you will learn potent processes and cultivate ways of being which will take you deep into human transformation – at its leading edge. Whether you are interested in coaching or personal development, you will get a healthy dose of both….and them some. All you are is changing, each moment, as is the rest of the world. It’s not what happens to you – you can’t always control that. It’s how you react to what happens. This training will teach you many ways to thrive within a changing and often uncertain world. There are a lot of nuggets here!

What is the “difference that makes the difference” in this training?

I call this training “experience” the Practical Practitioner, because I’m including the types of techniques, processes, AND the consciousness, crucial insights, understandings, which currently guide my work. Often NLP trainings are so pre-occupied with “history” and “techniques” that they leave out the most important variable: You and your consciousness – the consciousness of the person, coach, trainer using the “techniques.”

This is one reason you’ll notice how many Certified Trainers, Master Practitioners of NLP, and Hypnotherapists take this “basic” training. They know they are getting something “extra” which might not be easy to describe, but they can FEEL the difference, in the energy, the intentionality, and the “spirit” and…. it changes they way they live, work and thrive as human beings. It is the difference that makes the difference.

You can’t microwave experience.

I’ve been in this for a LONG time. You could work at the basic NLP and Hypnosis material for 39 years and come to some of these yourself or you could benefit from the 39 years I’ve put in and accelerate your learning and development. That’s not to say that you can skip putting in the hard work. You can’t. You can’t microwave experience. Any internet marketer who tells you can, is selling you delusion- and many people bite, looking for a short-cut. This training is not for those folks. You have to put in the time, energy and dedication if you want to become a successful coach and a happy, creative, compassionate and gusty, well-adjusted human being… AND, yet…

You can start with the best advantages possible to take you there and that is what this training can do for you. You benefit from all the “miss-takes” I’ve made along with the illumination and learnings. No BS. No unnecessary theory. No sales presentations in the “training.” Just lots of opportunity to adjust, focus and expand your BEING as a human which will help you in ANY area of your life… and together with that, learn streamlined, field tested, transformative processes in a fun, relaxed and supportive learning environment. I will teach you what I actually use and live.

OK, hopefully, you’ve gotten the idea. : )