The International Association of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

The International Association of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) was founded by developer of HNLP, and Master Trainer, John Overdurf, in 2012. It supersedes the International Network of HNLP founded in 1999.

This body recognizes specialized excellence in trainings which are conducted by certified trainers of HNLP, awarding a seal of approval to those institutes which uphold the ethics and competencies cited below.

Further, this seal of approval is granted to institutes who trainers qualify as a highly skilled, elite group of leaders and innovators in the HNLP field.

Institute Eligibility Requirements

  1. All training is conducted or supervised by approved Certified HNLP/NLP Trainers. (Certification standards are based on International guidelines for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer designations.)
  2. Trainers must sign and adhere to IAHNLP ethics requirements.
  3. Submission of complete, approved curriculum of certification programs.
  4. To insure quality control, Institutes must engage in on-going supervision of program components and training techniques.
  5. To insure quality control, Institutes must engage in case review/evaluation of selected program participants who are candidates for certification.

Trainers of Approved Institutes Must Demonstrate the Following:

  • Obvious passion for teaching and assisting others in their evolution.

  • Demonstrated ability to flex between unconscious competence and meta awareness in teaching, training, and in conducting interventions.

  • Authoritative working knowledge of neuro-science and other new research relevant to HNLP and the areas of specialization published by each member institute.

  • Ability to develop new content, processes and applications.

  • Conviction and humility about one’s work.

This seal of approval is awarded for successful on-going fulfillment of all of the above requirements approved by John Overdurf and The Overdurfian Institute for Human Potential.