Telecoaching U

I wanted to let you know about my “venue” where I’m doing coaching trainings these days.
It’s not a building, institute or an on-line university, but as Dr. Erickson would say…
“My voice WILL go with you”…

t’s called and it is via teleconference and by subscription.
Teleconference? subscription? Yep, you heard it right.

So, why a Subscription, anyway?
It’s an opportunity to bring people together from all over the world 3 times a month who get to mix, match and attend different telecoaching learning labs and never leave home. I like to think of it as a high quality training with demos, teaching and discussions where you don’t have to get dressed for the occasion, travel for a week, drink bad hotel coffee or sit in uncomfortable banquet chairs. Since you're doing it via teleconferencing it is more convenient, flexible and inexpensive.

But what if I can't make a class due to a scheduling conflict?
Since you are purchasing a subscription, not a set training, you can have access to classes on demand. If you are unable to attend a class, no problem. All classes are recorded and a link will be sent to you after the class.
Coaching Super-vision
This is the core of getting really good: being supervised in real time while you are coaching a client. It simply can't get any more applied and relevant that this. You get good by doing. As many of you know, I believe one of the HUGE benefits is not just learning what to do at certain junctures with a client, but to be able to shift your attention from being completely engaged with working with the client and then stepping out to process what is happening and then stepping back into process with the client. This ability is directly related to being not only an effective coach, but also trainer and person! It's a new kind of "super-vision."
Master Class
This is where I'll be presenting the newest of the new, but with some crucial added features. While it is important to be exposed to new ideas and processes, the difference that makes the difference is in the "how to." Each Master Class will include exercises with others through virtual break- out rooms. It will raise the connection and interactivity among us as well as your learning... exponentially. You'll have the chance to be using all of the skills in the comfort of your home with another dedicated coach and then have time to process it with the group and me. This will truly revolutionalize these
classes and make them 3-D.
Integration Lab
With the flexibility of virtual break-out rooms, working in different size group configurations, we can do exercises planned and on the fly. Additionally, to truly make this an integrative experience we'll be using protocols from the Coaching Beyond the "I" material to help you further cultivate "Aha" experiences. This will be a consistent feature of the Integration Labs.
This will make these classes 4-D!

How much is it? Break it down for me!

3 Month Telecoaching Supervision Subscription
3 Month Teleclass Subscription
3 Month Open Frame (Q&A ) Session Subscription
You can also pay by the session
Teleclass and Learning Lab


Give it to me straight, John. What’s the bottom line, anyway?

When you enroll for a three month subscription You save $300.00!
This means you receive the Full 3 Month Subscription for only $600.00

What if I am new to TCU?

We have a special option just for you - TCU Online!
If you are just starting up with TCU, we want to make sure that you have the basics handled. We have taken past TCU Master Classes, Integration Labs and Supervision calls and are making them available for you to listen to over a 3 month period. Every Two Weeks, you will be sent 2 new calls for you to listen to and integrate. At the end of the three months, you will be able to join TCU Live if you want to, or you can continue to receive new material each month so you can continue learning.

The value of these recordings is over 600.00, and to support your
learning we are offering the first three months for 300.00.

How do I enroll?
You can enroll online at any time. Enrollment is rolling so that you will always have the opportunity to receive the Full 3 Month Subscription regardless of when you enroll. You can of course, take courses for whatever period works for you. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive call-in instructions, "secret passwords" and be put on our email list for the e-manual handouts that are sent out a day or two prior to the upcoming Master classes.

If you are enrolling for TCU online,
Click here

If you are renewing your subscription for the next 3 months,
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