Trance-Ending Then to Now




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4+ Hours

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This program is over four hours of instruction and demonstration.   

It is a combination of live video from Trance of a Lifetime and expanded TelecoachingU (TCU) Master Class and Integration Lab.

The video includes well over an hour of inspiring and mind expanding content about our constructions of the past and future, how they can create disharmony in our experience of now, and what can be done about it!  This culminates with an illuminating content free demonstration.  (Manual pages used in the training are included)

How can you work virtually content-free at the level of structure and process to resolve stuck memories and emotions to end the trance of the past or future and be in Now?   What are the two most significant, all encompassing resources states that we often overlook?  This new model conversationally bends spacetime, using precise mind liberating language, recursion, and memory re-consolidation.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a two hour TCU Master Class audio which goes into much greater detail which will add considerable depth to the video.

It covers the most accepted model of perceptual functioning and it’s implications about the relationship of memory to our current perceptual processing.

What are the implications of separating current experience from consolidated memory and imagination?  What is their relationship for creating experiences of No-thingness and eventually new re-consolidated memories?  All this is covered.

Also included in the bonus is a TCU Integration Lab audio which includes a full-out demo with analysis and commentary for a long-standing issue.   The demonstration not includes Trance-Ending Then to Now, but also Backing into No-thingness.  (The full TCU manual is included.)

Content includes:

Bayesian Inference Theory of “Reality”  the most accepted theory of memory and perception.  What is important to know to be a more effective coach?

Are we actually living Controlled Hallucinations?  What is the proof? You may be surprised!  How does this apply to coaching and …living life?

Inside-Outside Spacetime Through the Rhizome – What are all the options we have using Rhizomatic Principles to expand consciousness and one’s map of reality…inside and outside of spacetime?

Recursive Attention-Shifting from Then to Now – a simple yet very powerful process for resolving and integrating stuck memories and unwanted states.  The process is a unique combination of attention-attention-shifting language which can be used as stand alone technique or can be embedded in visually any other technique you already know

Backing into No-thingness – How can you simply take a client outside of spacetime to No-thingness?  Based on the newest findings in quantum physics and neuroscience this is a simple process to access the VOID, nothingness, which needs almost no explanation, no non-linear language patterns, just some basic attention-attention-shifting. This flexible process can be used as a rapid induction; a seamless pattern interrupt; a way collapse unwanted states and beliefs; and a process to de-identify from the “I”.

Principles of Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching – What are they and how can they add potency to whatever style of coaching/therapy you do?  All the principles are based on solid neuroscience.

Memory Re-consolidation and Recursion – What is perhaps one of the most important findings with implications for coaching and therapy?  Did you know there is a timing aspect which can make all the difference? Ho can you use re-consolidation to test results?

Demonstration includes:

  • Virtually Content Free Hypnotic Coaching
  • Trance-Ending Then to Now Pattern
  • Spontaneous use and anchoring of client’s experience
  • Use of conversational recursion to produce memory re-consolidation
  • Precise use of Mind Liberating Language – Combining quantification, temporal predicates and spatial prepositions to create transformative dissociation.
  • Use of “Now” as a powerful resource
  • Backing into Nothingness
  • Testing
  • And a few other surprises!