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The Inner View Over View of Overdurfian Coaching 3.0


All we are is…changing, and this model has evolved quite a bit.  This five part video is my most recent rendition which is even more streamlined, efficient and user friendly.  

It’s now consolidated into five field-tested principles.  Lots of new nuances are covered.  How can you use hypnotic principles and the meta pattern of all NLP patterns in a more conversational up-time delivery to create the same effects as formal hypnotic induction?   How can you glide on the natural tendencies of the nervous system to create resilient change? 

Part I is the opening metaphor I taught at my most recent Rhizomatic Practitioner Training to format your unconscious mind, setting the stage for change, realizing change could be just around the corner.  If if you are a trainer or coaching you’ll find this is a fairly intricate, multi-layered series of embedded hypnotic loops within a larger message. Based on the feedback of students months later it was memorable and the message was installed deeply.

Parts II, III, and IV go into lots of examples and insightful, nuanced instructions to help you begin to embody the main principles of OHC, so that you can refine your own hypnotic coaching style. 

Part V is a very rich demo, done in a very uptime tempo, but replete with lots of hypnotic phenomena because of the considerable use of hypnotic language

What you’ll see and hear is a packed example of conversationally coaching the unconscious mind, with lots of commentary. This is a good really good one to study, as it’s a common, but not easy issue, to transform.  And, it was an amazing result, verified one year later.

Content includes:

What are the five principles for doing Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching?

What is the neuroscience of transformation?

How can you glide on the natural tendencies of the nervous system to create efficient and resilient change?

When to use direct elicitation protocols and when to use more indirect protocols and how do you do each?

What are the nuances you’ll only get from the source?

The demo includes:

  • The Meta Pattern of All NLP Patterns
  • Embedded commands chained to strategic utilization of client’s internal representations
    Stalking the wild synesthesia and getting the structure of the presenting issue (This is the heart of any effective work and often overlooked)
  • Using physiology to non-verbally determine key sub-modalities
  • Conversational elicitation of End State Energy
  • Clear and amazingly effective conversational anchoring techniques
    Spontaneous and creative use of humor to create hypnotic responses
  • Powerful use of phonological ambiguity
  • Subtle effective use of dissociation
  • Conversational de-identification
  • Using End State energy to create new Identity and fulfill highest values
  • Connecting values to resource strategy to create second order change and new identification
  • Filling-up convincer strategy to ratify change

To name a few.  And, the list goes on!