StateBound for Change Transforming Decisions


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This is an audio download of excerpts from three day workshop combining stunning new research findings and powerful new processes grounded in John’s 34 years of experience working with individuals, groups and organizations.

The combination of the training style, amazingly useful content and processes makes this a value resource you can draw upon for a long time.

You’ll get a fresh perspective on the role of states, values, attention and time in decision- making. Because decisions are at the base of everything we do, this approach will provide you set of tools which have tremendous scope and application for living your life as well as helping others.

So consider…

Ever feel conflicted when you’re making decisions in your life?

What are two simple changes you can make that will have a massive effect on your life? ( No I’m not kidding– this is based on solid research)

How can you overcome procrastination and help others do the same?

How can you create more effortlessness in your life and get things done?

How can you use the HNLP Coaching model to transform deep-seated conflict?

You’ll be learning…

•Latest research on re-wiring your brain to make more effective decisions. This included simple and practical exercises to strengthen your brain in these areas.

•Beyond Goals 2.0 Why goals don’t work and what does, how to use process and end state energy to stay on track and get things done. This takes the original Beyond Goals Model to an entirely new level. Lots of new processes and nuances which will provide you with many more options and simple step by step processes.

•John’s Coaching Model – It starts with the original HNLP Coaching Model and goes much deeper, seamlessly integrating Beyond Goals processes and other processes for resilient change.

•Re-consolidating Introjects – how to resolve long-standing internal conflicts. This is how to do virtual family therapy inside of John’s coaching model.