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Splitting Synethesias Within the Rhizome


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This is a full- out, rich, content-free demonstration which address both physical and emotional trauma with an inspiring, amazing resolution  Since it was done later in the Rhizomatic Practitioner Training at Flying Pig Farm, it incorporated pretty much everything covered in the course, making it an excellent review of many patterns and approaches.  This is chock-full!.

It shows in no uncertain terms how deep, hypnotic work can be done inside a seemingly “up-time” coaching approach. You just have to know what to look for and I will show you how to do it! In the demonstration, you’ll also benefit from in-depth, on-going commentary of what I’m doing while I’m doing the demonstration.

Featured is probably is one of my ‘go to’ Rhizomatic patterns for a wide variety of intense, unwanted emotional states, including chronic pain:  The Synesthesia Splitter 2.0.  I created this pattern to work with clients who are more focused on their emotions and cannot easily identify external triggers.  You’ll also benefit from the teaching segments so you not only learn the process, but the nuances as well.  This pattern and all it’s variations will become an invaluable and versatile tool in your toolbox!


•Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching – What are basic principles and what do they look like and sound like in action?

•Utilization of Dissociation – How can you elicit conversationally and what the nuances which really make it work?

•Overlap – When and how can you use this under utilized pattern?

•Clear and amazingly effective conversational anchoring techniques – all over the place, very obvious, and powerful.

•Spontaneous and creative use of humor to create open receptivity to suggestion and elicitation of states. 

•Synesthesia Splitter 2.0 – An easy-to-use set of modular, interchangeable steps to work with most problems with intense unwanted states

•Elegant use of Directionalized Ambiguity, attention-shifting  and other hypnotic language patterns. 

•Innovative Context Reframing to externalize unwanted representations

•Extensive use of very spontaneous metaphor and anecdotes to generalize transformation and create resilience

•How can you use recursive testing, conditioning and future pacing to create resilience?

•Manual pages mentioned in the video

Special Bonus!

Two TelecoachingU Master Classes Shape-Shifting through the Rhizome:  Multiplicity, Dimensionality, and The Synesthesia Splitter 2.0., audio.
This includes important background information to more fully understand and process the video.  It includes a concise yet thorough overview of the Five Rhizomatic Principles, and another demonstration complete with a transcription so you can follow all the nuances.  Also, included is a separate audio of the demo to listen to it as a stand alone and a full manual of the class.