Shapeshifting Within the Rhizome


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5 Hours

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5 hours of informative audio which will give you a strong foundation for understanding Rhizomatic perception and how to use it in your practice.

Two class manuals which augment the audios.

A full transcription of a demonstration using the Rhizome Shape-Shifter for resolving trauma.

Content includes:

The Roots of Scientific Thinking and Its Limitations and how it permeates our everyday thinking  What is the primary metaphor which formed scientific thinking and how you transform it to include more.

Rhizomatic Inquiry  What is it and how can you use it to be an even more effective coach and hypnotherapist?

New ways to Approach Problem Solving– What really makes a ‘problem’ a problem, and what can you do about it?

Multi-Generational Transformation – How to work with issues which can be traced to previous generations.  What is the solid research which supports this approach?

The Rhizome Shape-Shifter –  Perhaps the best change technique I’v developed so far. 

It is easy to learn the basic process, has lots of flexible options, and produces very generative change. Lots of tips on this you won’t find anywhere else1 

Special Bonus!  My GAMMAlicious EP  Only available with this program- just for fun!

This is a three song suite which has embedded binaural beats set to cultivate gamma brain waves.  Gamma waves are correlated with clarity and also occur when we experience ‘Aha’ experiences.  They connect far-flung parts of your brain in new and different ways. Listen to these one or more of these pieces before and after listening to the classes to enhance your encoding and integrating of what you’ll be learning – or just for fun!  I’ve been waiting to release these for awhile and feel like this is the perfect program for these!

This is the perfect compliment to the Introduction to Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching & Rhizomatic Perception HD Training Video  I go into more detail and nuance since I developed more refinements and additions after the OHC PP was filmed.  All we are is changing, right?  This is like the prequel and sequel to the OHC Practical Practitioner.

Bundle all these for the best experience and results!