Orchestrating Your Inner Voices


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This program is a full day of creative and impactful approaches for how to work with self-talk.  This is information really worth knowing and “thinking” about!

Finally!…. A set of processes for working with one of the most common complaints — too much thinking and/or negative self-talk.

As you may know, much of traditional NLP, while talking about all representational systems, “focuses” so much more on the visual aspects of our internal process. Yet, as a coach and therapist for 40 years, I can tell you a significant number of folks don’t easily visualize or are aware of their internal visual experience.  BUT, what are they aware of?  Their thoughts and self-talk.  There are many reasons for this and we get into this during this training.

Milton Erickson was fond of saying,  “You need to pick-up the pot by the handle.”

For many people, self-talk is the “handle” in our conscious mind which is connected to the “pot”or deeper representations in our unconscious mind.

Also, did you know is a specific brain wave frequency band which is most associated with self-talk?  The higher we are in that band the more intrusive and excessive our self-talk usually is. It is also the band associated with most of our unwanted emotions, from mild “stress” all the way to panic.

Everything you’ll be learning you can use in working with others or working with yourself.  The processes, once you learn them, are easy to learn, yet powerful.  You’ll learn to how to open up new world of your internal experience.

The design of this day is pretty cool, too.  You’ll be guided through a sequence of carefully, structured group exercises and inductions to learn to work with your thoughts and self-talk in new and innovative ways.

So consider:

•How can you minimize the disruptive effects of excessive self-talk?

•How can you use unwanted self talk to create trance?

•How can you transform negative self-talk into an asset and ally?

•How can you integrate parts using self-talk, creating harmony and alignment?


Some of what you’ll be learning:

•Important information about brainwave functioning and its’ role in what internal experience we are able to know consciously.

•The fundamental blockage which creates unwanted, negative self-talk and thinking.

•The passcode to the unconscious:  The Alpha Sequence.

•How to elicit our inner voice of intuition and distinguish it from “wishful thinking”

•Refined use of Sub-Modalities to create potent shifts in consciousness.

•Aligning head, heart and gut using self-talk.

•How to integrate parts using Self-talk Re-consolidation.

•Two case studies for how to use Self-Talk Re-consolidation.

•A full-out, Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching, content free, demo of Self-talk Re-consolidation which includes:

 •Present state and End state Energy elicitation

 •Conversational anchoring of states

 •Rapid shifting of self-talk

 •Transition into deeper trance

 •Elicitation of catalepsy

  •Facilitation of unconscious search to deepen and generalize change

• Annotated Course Manual

Special bonus!  A TelecoachingU Master Class audio which will provide you with valuable foundational and background information to Orchestrating Your Inner Voices.  This includes much more in-depth coverage of brain wave functioning and our internal experience.  Full manual included.