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Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching in Action: Rhizomatic Alignment


This is a filled-to-the-brim program which covers a dynamic, flexible model for parts integration using Rhizomatic Principles.  Rhizomatic Alignment creates alignment and coherence.  It is particularly useful when there is a significant incongruity between conscious and unconscious functioning from splayed beta, alpha block, or repression. Unlike many NLP and Hypnosis techniques there  is no need for accessing of specific visual memories. It is excellent for clients who have less internal awareness and are more cognitive. It works great for “higher level” life transition issues.

This three part video program begins with a general overview of working with parts, incongruities and how you can create harmonious coherent integration.  There is detailed instruction for how to tease out the fundamental, second order incongruity,  or away from value, to create a much deeper and pervasive change for the client, then how to heal the incongruity, hypnotically with a conversational delivery.

It then moves on to a life-changing demo (verified a year and a half later) where fear of failure was transformed into courage and excitement about the future.  The demo is ripe with detailed commentary while the demo was happening, as well as afterward, so you can really learn all the nuances which make it work effectively.

Special Bonuses!  To provide you with a deep, rich understanding of how to work rhizomatically, I included a Telecoaching Master Class and Integration Lab called Brainwaving through the Rhizome:  Creating Coherence & Alignment.  This audio includes in-depth instruction for working with brainwaves in coaching, to understand the client’s internal experience, and what can be done to shift them.  There’s a series of exercises where you’ll get to experience these shifts for yourself, so you learn the patterns from the inside out. (Also includes TCU manual). To get the most from the videos, listen to this before and after the videos!

Also included is An Intro To Rhizomatic Perception audio which will provide you with a concise, practical overview of the key Rhizome principles. (If you are new to this information, you’ll want to listen to this first!)

And there’s more!A final bonus is the Rhizomatic Inquiry induction audio.  It is a series of inductive questions based on the five principles of Rhizomatic Perception.  Its an optional part of the Rhizomatic Alignment Process and I thought it would be fun to throw it in for good measure.  It can be used as a stand alone process to fully feel how much more connected and timeless we are, than what we realize. It’s a great meditation as well.

The content includes:

  • What are the Five Principles of Rhizomatic Perception for coaching and everyday life?
  • Review of brain wave states and their utility in coaching and therapy.  How can you know what brainwave states the client is in without EEG equipment?
  • Chunking up on chains of intention to leverage values
  • How to transform resistance into generalize change
  • How can you align the three brains and brain wave frequencies to create coherence?
  • What is the most neuro- scientifically sound way to create trance or meditative states, based on physiological levers in the nervous system, not higher cortical functioning?
  • Rhizomatic Alignment Therapy
  • Rhizomatic Inquiry

The demo includes:

A very powerful demo of incredible depth.  Wait until you see the end.

  • Non-linear language pattern to loosen processing associated with the problem.
  • Elicitation of End State Energy
  • Using the Beyond Goals model to create ecological change.
  • How to elicit and identify the fundamental incongruity driving a person’s life direction, the linch pin.
  • Leveraging values for rapid change
  • How to create stable dissociation
  • Therapeutic use of the Alpha Sequence
  • Attention-shifting language and multi-level communication
  • Use of perceptual positions to create coherence
  • Subtle and very effective use of non-verbal suggestion
  • Using the dynamic of the coaching relationship as a metaphor for change
  • Building metaphors from different life experience to create a new identity

To name a few.  And, the list goes on!