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OHC in Action…Laughing to the Max


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First is a VERY RICH demonstration which shows in no uncertain terms how deep, hypnotic work can be done inside a seemingly “up-time” coaching approach. You just have to know what to look for and I will show you how to do it!

The presenting issue is a complex one.  It was about fear of an imminent major surgery, compounded by grief reaction of a recent loss and a fear of dying – with an amazing result.

Second, you’ll get an in-depth explanation of the processes used afterwards while teaching the basics of OHC brining in many other important skills and frames.  This is filled to the brim with lots of practical information you won’t find in any NLP or Hypnosis book.

The third part is a 52 Minute SPECIAL BONUS Video which covers something EVERY coach, hypnotherapist, and therapist should know.  Many experts in neuroscience and psychotherapists believe this discovery it perhaps the most important finding in the history of modern psychotherapy.  Interested? You’ll receive an in-depth explanation of this finding and how you can easily use it to increase your effectiveness. 

What you’ll see and hear is a packed example of conversationally coaching the unconscious mind, with lots of commentary. This is a good really good one to study, as there’s a lot going on, I can assure you!

Content includes:

What is what experts say is perhaps the most important finding in the history of modern psychotherapy?

What is the neuroscience of transformation?

What are the critical elements to doing Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching?

How can you glide on the natural tendencies of the nervous system to create efficient and resilient change?

How does memory really work and how can you use it therapeutically?

When to use direct elicitation protocols and when to use more indirect protocols and how do you do each?

•Lots of useful information you won’t find in any NLP or Hypnosis books.

The demo includes:

•The Meta Pattern of All NLP Patterns

•Stalking the wild synesthesia and getting the structure of the presenting issue (This is the heart of any effective work and often overlooked)

•Conversational elicitation of End State Energy

•Clear and amazingly effective conversational anchoring techniques

All over the place and very obvious and powerful.

•Use of “not knowing” as a way to activate powerful unconscious shifts.

•Appropriate use of paradoxical suggestion

•Unconscious installation of of new strategies

•Spontaneous and creative use of humor

•Elegant use of Directionalized Ambiguity, attention-shifting  and other hypnotic and non-linear language patterns.

•Recursive future pacing to create resilience

and a few other surprises!