OHC and Rhizomatic Linguistics


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This program is three creatively expansive days of training taken from a recent Trance of a Lifetime, held at Flying Pig Farm.

It is a supple, high octane, state-of-the art integration of Hypnotic Coaching using all the linguistic models I’ve developed over the years: 

Attention Shifting Coaching

Directionalized Ambiguity

Beyond Words 3.0

Transformative Language Patterns of Lewis Carrol of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice and the Looking Glass (This material is simply amazing!)

This the best stuff I’ve done with linguistic change to date!  From a teaching and design point of view, it’s the most stream-lined, “user-friendly,” refined, presentation of this material I’ve done.

This program has easy-to-follow formal demos and is chock-full of lots of mini-demos of all the processes you’ll be learning. You may find yourself being right in there with all of us in the loft, with all the spontaneous interventions, humorous moments and “Oh Wow!” experiences.

If you want to learn how to elegantly employ non-linear, inductive language patterns, effectively ethically this training is for you!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be learning:

How can you use language to trance-end itself and bring a person back in touch with their body, to access resilient resource states?

What are some of the easiest and most effective ways to do linguistic parts integration?

What are the two most important principles in facilitating change in coaching that most people miss?

What is the best way to do up-time coaching so you can easily segue into more obvious trance phenomena?

What are differences in Aristotelian and Non-Aristotelian processing and how can you use them both, and it what situations?

•Newest refinements in Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching:

•Stalking the wild synesthesia and getting the structure of the presenting issue.

(This is the heart of any effective work and often overlooked.)

•Conversational elicitation of End State Energy.

•Clear, effective conversational anchoring techniques.

 •Use of “not knowing” as a way to activate powerful unconscious shifts.

•Attention-splitting to quickly create trance and therapeutic dissociation.

•Effective use spatial prepositions to create Sub-Modality shifts conversationally.

•“Timely” use of Temporal Predicates to alter a person’s orientation of time and punctuate experience to shift attention where you want it.

•Quantification to open or close client’s field of attention and internal processing.

•Artful and powerful use of verbal and non-verbal delivery to create ambiguity on all levels.

•The mysterious power of “not.”

•Employing precise predicate calculus markers to directionalize, link and partition thought processes.

•The non-linear Language constructions of Lewis Carroll to create powerful shifts in consciousness.

•Beyond Words 3.0 as a way to put all this together inside of the Meta Pattern

•Rhizomatic inquiry to create trance and generative change.

Special bonus!  I’ve included another demo from a Practical Practitioner Training where the primary intervention was one language pattern which illustrates the power of working this way.

Also included are two audios to fortify your experience!

Intro to the Rhizome – This is a 30 minute overview of the Five Principles of Rhizomatic Perception.  Repeated listening to this will change how you experience the world, not just in coaching, but in Life.

Alice Meets the Rhizome – Alice Meets the Rhizome is a series of dialogues between Alice and the Rhizome, in the the same spirt as the Alice books done by Lewis Carroll. They cover all Five Principles of the Rhizome: The Omnipresence of Change, Interconnectedness, Multiplicity & Dimensionality, Asignifiying Rupture and Cartography.  They feature the language constructions of Lewis Carroll, as well as many other transformation language patterns covered in the program.   

Think of them as hypnotic parables to help you experience the expansion and depth of recognizing you are a rhizome, you are part of a rhizome and many rhizomes are part of you….and learning some cool language patterns, too. : ) 

Annotated manual including all the pages mentioned in the training and Alice Meets the Rhizome dialogues.