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Mind Liberating Language

A Deep Dive into the World of Rhizomatic Linguistics


This is BY FAR the most comprehensive advanced teaching I’ve done on linguistically oriented therapeutic change –  and I’ve done quite of few over the last 30 years or so.  It is packed with information and processes I’ve never taught before. It’s the best I’ve done to date, no question.

A powerful package for how to create resilient transformation and transcendent experiences, you will not find this advanced material anywhere else in the Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching world.  It is original.  It is unique in content, and uniquely presented!

You’ll be getting it straight from the source.


The program includes five months of TelecoachingU (TCU) Master Classes and Integration Labs (over 15 and a half hours) which will provide you with a rich understanding of how to conversationally use language and Rhizomatic principles to effect potent change in clients and yourself.

These classes contain elements of various linguistic models I’ve created like Beyond Words, Attention-Shifting Coaching, Linguistic Alchemy, and Directionalized Ambiguity, but go much deeper into the world of Rhizomatic Linguistics. This is where Rhizomatic principles are applied to non-linear and inductive linguistics to add amazing richness, complexity, and practical utility, in coaching others and expanding your own consciousness.

They are filled with individual and group demonstrations.  Each class is a blend of unique experiential exercises and techniques where you can really develop a more embodied experience of their effect and how they work. You’ll feel more aligned and coherent in your use of these amazing linguistic constructions as result.


Here’s the sequence of classes and a peek at some of the content:


A Question of Attention Master Class and integration Lab

What is the synergy of language, attention, embodied sub-cortical shifts and other physiological levers to create therapeutic change and expand consciousness?  And way more!

A Question of Attention, Part II Master Class and integration Lab

How can you use quantification through simple questions to dramatically shift attention?  How can you easily generate these language patterns spontaneously?  And way more!

The Subtle Art of Denominalizing 2.0, It’s About Time Master Class And integration Lab

What are some of the most effective temporal linguistic constructions and sequences?  What are the little known nuances to this subtle art?  From neuro-scientific point of view, what dictates how we experience meaning in Life? How can you use this knowledge in coaching?  And way more!

Shape-Shfiting Through Time and Space Master Class and integration Lab

What are the “meta- mistakes” we make in processing reality and how can they be shifted?  What is a general, all-purpose, flexible, process to transform life-long identity issues, trauma, and more?  And way more!

The Immanence of Space Master Class and integration Lab

How can you apply principles from Buddhism, Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics to transform common issues leveraging the spatial nature of all issues?  How can you move an issue from something to No-thing and to something else conversationally?  And WAY more!!!


VERY Special Bonuses!!


Additionally you’ll benefit from 8 additional Mind Liberating Language Exercises which you can use for self-coaching and/or meditation. 

Each exercise has embedded binaural beats to optimize unconscious activation while you listen.  They combine embodied processes and advanced linguistic constructions which were taught in the TCU Master Classes and Integration Labs.

These exercises are precise, content-free, transformative sequences of mostly questions using hypnotic, non-linear and inductive structures to shift attention internally and later externally.  They are designed to have very specific, powerful effects on different parts of your brain and inner experience. This is a way to interrupt and transform your attention and linguistic processing so you can change and be the way you want.  And they are excellent examples to study to learn to create your own sequences!

  • Introduction to Mind Liberating Language Exercises
  • The Alpha Sequence to Open the Alpha Pipeline
  • De-Identifying Beyond the “I”
  • It’s about Time for a Change
  • Laying New Tracks to Put an Issue in the Past
  • Laying New Tracks Toward Feeling and Being How You Want
  • The Quantification Vortex from Something to No-Thing to Something Else
  • Changing Relationships of Attention and Feeling
  • Expanding Beyond the I within the Rhizome