Managing and Thriving Through Uncertainty


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This is a two part seminar which addresses, perhaps the most important set of skills you can have in living life, especially in this day and age: managing and thriving in uncertainty.

You will learn new ‘eye opening’ concepts and processes I’ve used successfully in my life as well as many clients I’ve worked with over the past 5 years. The difference with this training, unlike many of my trainings, is it is not about how to coach others, this is about coaching yourself.

These concepts and skills are not ‘magic bullet’ fluff and ‘quick fixes’ promising to ‘clear all of your ‘negative’ emotions’ while achieving instant ‘enlightenment’ to the amazement of others. It is not ‘get rich, quick’ schemes nor ‘attracting everything and anything you ever wanted with absolutely no effort ‘secrets.”

They are simple, yet enduring skills and frames that will expand and deepen
the most important variable for thriving in uncertainty:

What you’ll learn is based on solid research ranging from neuro-science to quantum mechanics, non-linear dynamics to timeless traditions like Vedanta along with my own experience in Hypnosis, HNLP and Attention-Shifting Coaching.

So, consider…

Not all processes are easily done by yourself, in the moment,
so what do you need to know to ‘coach’ yourself successfully?

What are the proven neuro-scientific research findings and methods that will help you manage and thrive in change and uncertainty.

How can you increase your happiness, peace of mind and productivity?

How can you create momentum and increase your agility in your career and life?

What are the simple, yet enduring processes you can use in your everyday life
to live life with greater creativity, flexibility, productivity and fulfillment?