Liberating the Mind Changing Relationships




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This advanced program is over four hours of instruction and demonstration.   It is a combination of live video from Trance of a Lifetime and TelecoachingU (TCU) Master Class and Integration Lab.

The video includes two hours of content along with two demonstrations of different patterns which are a part the of Liberating the Mind Changing Relationships Paradigm.

This is an innovative suite of easy, modular techniques using non-linear inductive language in its simplest forms, quantum perceptual positions and Rhizomatic Principles.  How simple can a process be and still be effective?  You’ll find out!

The first video begins with a summary of modular embodied techniques which can be used as stand alone processes or in any combination.  You’ll learn how to conversationally attention-shift representational systems to induce trance or punctuate and/or anchor an experience.

How can you work systemically at the level of relationships of elements of an issue as much as the elements themselves, to create deep resilient transformation?

You’ll acquire a new vocabulary of Changing Relationship questions.   This approach is very easy to learn and once you know how to do it you can use it for any impasse you have with a client with parts or who is stuck. You see and hear a poignant demonstration using this paradigm as well as OHC parts work.

The second video contains further instruction on working at the level of relationships, but in a different way:  Animating the relationship itself to access deep archetypal energy/resources and then discovering what are the positive attributes of each to create resources far beyond what the client could previously access.

It is a direct use of Rhizomatic principles and patterns along with quantum perceptual positions.  It’s something I use in most ever session these days.   You’ll see and hear a touching demonstration of this process as well. (Manual pages used in the training are included)

As a bonus, you’ll receive a two hour audio TCU Master Class and Integration Lab which goes into much greater detail which will add considerable depth to the video.  It was probably my favorite TCU month of classes of the year. It summarizes the Liberating the Mind Changing Relationships paradigm but goes much further.  Curious?(The full TCU manual is included.)

Content includes:

Embodied techniques which can be used in concert with linguistic interventions or any other intervention you know, for that matter.

Attention-Shifting Representational Systems

Changing Relationship Questions – these questions use Cartesian logic, quantification, and subtle tense changes to open the Field, access the Void and//or other resources.

Changing Relationships Pattern & Generalization Process

Rhizomatic Principles to transcend ego boundaries and create “Not I” resources to produce unexpected positive transformation and

Quantum Bayesian Theory – Real Quantum Effects in Everyday Perception

The Heart of Visual Perception – Did you know there is correlation between heart rate and perception?  How can you apply this to coaching?

Positive Attributes – Utilizing the relationship to transform the problem construction

Embodying & Animating Resources via Rhizomatic principles and quantum perceptual positions

And much more!

Demonstrations includes:

  • Stalking the Wild Synesthesia
  • Elicitation of End State Energy
  • Utilization of Embodied Techniques – to as induction deeper and to transcend impasses
  • Overdurfian Hypnotic Parts Work
  • Changing Relationships Paradigm to create inductive processing and accessing the Void
  • Effective use of humor, anecdote, and metaphor
  • Utilization of Positive Attributes of regressed parts to create ecological parts integration.

And a LOT more!