Introduction to Linguistic Alchemy


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This is an audio program of a three day training on advanced language patterns. John combines some of best of his newest work in Attention-Shifting Coaching with work from his co-authored best selling book, Training Trances: Multi-level Communication in Therapy and Training as well as new neuro-scientific research. If you liked Beyond Words, you’ll love this.

‘Linguistic Alchemy is based on the question:  ‘What is everything…. that you don’t know …  about the ‘problem’… that will change it.’

In this model, you’ll learn how to streamline and “conversationalize” hypnosis, yet still create the same kinds of effects that you’ll find in more obvious hypnotherapeutic modalities. You’ll experience how to work at the level of attention to effect change well below and beyond language, while still using language. This model teaches you how to use language to transcend itself while ‘catching’ and shifting the unconscious elements associated with problems to transform them into resources.

This is a creative, fresh and very flexible approach to coaching that can be used in virtually any setting, including on the phone. It is all based on solid neuroscientific research which will reveal true secrets to perception, reality construction, memory and the nature of change. Simply put, it’s fun to use and it works!

If you are interested in learning nuances in coaching and hypnotherapy that most trainers don’t teach, come to this training. You will benefit from John’s 34 years of clinical experience from ranging from the emergency room to the boardroom and many points in between.

Like our other live recordings, while this program is tracked for easy identification, we’ve made very minimal edits so you can experience the spontaneity of the training. You’ll also receive the pdf of the course manual.

If you are a trainer, you will hear how the John uses the same principles he is teaching in his process with the group. The training is carefully sequenced not only to build a skill set, but also to consolidate important beliefs and attitudes which fill in the gaps that techniques cannot.

Sampling of Major Topics covered:

The nature of change based on new neuro-science and how you can use it.

New innovative protocols for eliciting the present and outcome state

The mysterious power of ‘not’ and the wisdom of ‘not knowing’

Conversational and non-verbal maneuvers create change at the level of

Directionalized Ambiguity- advanced language patterning to create rapid transformatio 

Are you interested in learning… 
What are newest findings in neuro-science that give us precise tips for how to create trance phenomena and practical, resilient and flexible change?

How can you elicit and utilize naturally occurring sub- modalities outside the client’s conscious awareness to produce effective change.

How can you use the elements of the problem to create the solution?

What are the crucial non-verbal skills -not usually taught or perhaps recognized – to effectively deliver transformative language patterns? 

How can you powerfully use confusion, uncertainty, not knowing for significant change and deeper trance phenomena?

How can you split synesthesias associated with most problems and, at the same time, create trance?