Introduction to All But A Part of the Whole


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This is a rough cut of a three day workshop is all about how can you transcend the inherent changing dualities and contractions in Life to increase your choice and well-being.  
I don’t usually get into stuff like this in a course description, but I gotta tell you, these insights and processes have helped me make a major leap in my own evolution:  how to experience Life in a more expansive, yet grounded and practical way.
From a coaching and training point of view, this is the best three day rendition of this material I’ve done to date. Think of it as “Beyond Words 2.0,” updated with newer content and exercises, streamlined, more practical, with a lot of new insights, just way more refined…. presented in a VERY lively, provocative, energetic way, with lots of bells and whistles, and a group who was totally “IN.” The atmosphere was pretty electric the entire time.
If you’re already familiar with any of the transformational linguistic models I’ve developed you’ll hear some things you’ve known, but not in the way you have – and there’s lots of new insights, practical information and  processes, along with some very powerful demos.
If you’re not familiar with this material, I can assure you, most of the 100 participants at the training weren’t and they were learning it in their second language. The challenge for me was to present it in a three day format where they would walk out of the training, knowing the model,  how to use it, and without question, feeling transformed.
I can assure through some of the training methods and presentation,  the coaching process was imprinted in their brains by the time they left. But even more you’ll hear the transformation in the air as the training progresses.  You might even feel it — yes, just a suggestion. : ) 
Here’s some of what you’ll learn:
Reality construction and de-construction in Life and Coaching
What are the critical pieces of neuroscience research that can take your coaching and Life to the next level? 
How can you work below the level of language to take people beyond language and it’s limitations?
Precise therapeutic use of expanded awareness and perception for common fight and flight reactions
How to lay new tracks to neurological dead ends with the Opposite Game
How to elegantly integrate memory re-consolidation and recursion to increase the depth  and effectiveness in your coaching?
What are differences in Aristotelian and Non-Aristotelian thinking and how can you use them both, and it what situations?
Harnessing the mysterious power of “not” 
How to easily construct inductive and/or non-linear language patterns.
Beyond Words 2.0: a practical template for conversational change
How to deliver linguistic interventions for maximum impact
How to exercise the brain to de-identify with limiting beliefs and states
Experience the Quantum Coherence Training Induction
51 page Full color course manual
Special Bonus!  
I’ve included a TelecoachingU Master Class and Integration Lab Session, over three hours of instruction, that will provide you with some valuable foundational and background information to the three day workshop. It goes into more detail about Non-Aristotelian thinking and processing in coaching, negotiation, problem-solving and decision-making. 
You’ll learn the main ways you can work to transcend dualities, resolve conflict and contradictions and integrate parts, both linguistically and experientially.  It’s all presented in more of a “raw” form. It’s intimate, organic and conversational, so it’s a nice compliment to the sequenced large group presentation and training.
There is a detailed explanation of Quantum Coherence Training along with group induction.  This is profound way to exercise the “no self” circuitry in your brain to be able to de-identify with limiting beliefs, states and other nominalizations.  It is based in solid research to create heart brain coherence and then goes beyond. : )  It can be used as a meditation process and/or a therapeutic intervention.
Includes manual