Hypnotically Presenting Master Class

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This is absolutely one of my favorite teaching days to date.  You will understand when you watch it.  This video is taken from Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself Master Class at Flying Pig Farm which focused on applying Rhizomatic Principles to Training and well, Life.  This full one day video has something for everybody – from personal growth, to training, to training design and much more!

You’ll be led through a wide ranging series of metaphors and cutting-edge content, multilevel teaching segments, and powerful exercises to help you cultivate rhizomatic perception.

Please do not mistake this for an NLP/’NLP Trainer’s Training. It’s not.  Often NLP trainings are so pre-occupied with ‘history’ and ‘techniques’ that they leave out the most important variable: You and your consciousness – the consciousness of the person, coach, trainer using the ‘techniques.’

The main thrust of this suite of training segments is just that:  Your consciousness and how to culture it.   When students know they are getting something ‘extra’ which might not be easy to describe, but they can FEEL the difference, in the energy, the intentionality, and the ‘spirit’ and…. it changes they way they live, work and thrive as human beings. It is the difference that makes the difference.

You’ll learn and will be able to experience for yourself how different information, often beyond words, hangs-out at different brainwave states.  Experience for yourself, lots of ways to be able to connect with information usually outside of your normal, waking functioning.

Whether you are interested in training, training design or personal development, this program is for you!


•An Introduction to the Rhizome audio to provide you with valuable background information more fully grasp the rich potential this material offers. It’s taken me about a year and a half to consolidate this into a succinct and usable explanation. : )

•The Five Rhizomatic Principles – What are they and how do they relate to training, coaching and Life?

•Spiral of Conscious and the Neuroscience of Cultivating Exceptional States of Consciousness – How can you manipulate your own brainwaves in easy, practical ways depending on what your outcomes are?

•Utilization of Hypnotic Principles in Training – How can you elicit trance in novel ways which don’t require formal hypnotic techniques?

•Rhizomatic Perception – What is it and how can you develop it?

•How can you create neurological resilience as a part of teaching and training?

•Multilevel communication to set-up teaching and transformation – How can you teach on multiple levels to format the unconscious mind?

•Rhizomatic Teaching and Design— How can you combine powerful inductive transformation with deductive teaching for the left brain?

•Rhizomatic Inquiry- what is a new power set of concepts and questions create transformation in any area of one’s life or in coaching and training.

Special Bonuses:  Two mind-expanding inductions!

The Rhizomatic Inquiry Induction

A very innovative and practical induction which can be used for self-coaching, creativity and meditation. Included are lots hypnotic effects to deepen and expand your experience. It is designed to create significant inductive brain functioning.  This has been one of the most popular ‘inductions’ I’ve done over the past year.

A popular studio version of the Quantum Coherence Training Induction.
This is a pattern which trains your brain to exercise the circuitry associated with identifying and de-identifying with ‘self’ of different parts of yourself.  it also has lots of  hypnotic effects to deepen and expand your experience.