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Video Recording


1 Hour

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In this Video Demo, You will learn:

How to use the HNLP Coaching Beyond Goals Model.
How to conversationally create a context for powerful change.
How to make fine sensory distinctions to utilize unconscious processing, so that you’re coaching the unconscious mind.
How to calibrate to congruence of problem and outcome states.
How to conversationally elicit strategies – how to get the same critical information that you would in a 2 or 3 hour breakthough session.
How to conversationally leverage values and meta programs to streamline the intervention.
How to elicit powerful resource states and anchor them visually and auditorily.
How to use the Meta Pattern of all NLP patterns and recursion in your work to fully integrate changes.
How to use regression and re-imprinting work inside of a coaching model.
How to use linguistic presuppositions subtly and effectively.
How to deliver advanced language patterns to set up and effect change.
How to use hypnotic principles in an up-time, conversational approach.
How to use humor and work spontaneously using whatever the moment has to offer.
How to test the work for best results…and more!