Changing Perspectives Through the Rhizome


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This is taken from a recent Rhizomatic Practitioner Training at Flying Pig Farm.  This includes a full-out powerful demonstration for unwanted fight and flight states and and in-depth information on using primary perceptual processes to effect resilient, flexible change.

As I say in the video, for new, ‘off the street’ clients this is a protocol I use.  It’s very easy to use and has a multitude of options inside a simple frame work providing you with lots of flexibility. 

It is actually conversational induction process and protocol which allows you to easily segue from up-time coaching to more formal, down-time trance work as you’ll see in the demo and all the bonuses you’ll receive.


•Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching Model – What are the main tenants of this model?

•Utilization of Hypnotic Principles How can you create the conditions for deep trance while working in an up-time tempo?

•Innovative and Precise Use of Expanded Awareness – How to elicit precisely anchor and utilize  expanded awareness for a variety of fight and flight reactions

•Quantum Perceptual Positions –  What are some of the truly unknown and under utilized aspects perceptual positions. What is the fourth position and how can you use it to resolve conflict?  This is important information!

•Arm Catalepsy and Levitation –  How can you use catalepsy to facilitate unconscious searches for resources and massive generalization to triggers of the unwanted reactions?

•Attention-Shifting Language to create elegance and simplicity in your work

What are simple questions and maneuvers you can use to create hypnotic response?

•Conversational anchoring and strategy installation – How can you install strategies which are easy to verify?

•Elicitation and utilization of catalepsy and arm levitation

What is the easiest way achieve this?  You’ll see it.

•Facilitation of unconscious searches to create rapid and deep generalization.

How can you use the parallel processing of the brain to re-align internal resources?  How can you verify where the client is in the process without verbal report.

•Manual pages mentioned in the video

Special Bonuses! 

Telecoaching U Master Class excerpts on Quantum Perceptual Positions
There are nuances and downright big insights in this.  You’ll learn how to use each position to create transformation.  And of course, you’ll learn my version of Fourth Position and how useful it is in transformation.  This is not what folks in the NLP field have talked about – unless they learned it from me.     : )  Includes Manual Pages.

Quantum Perceptual Postion Induction

This new studio version of this versatile induction for your own self coaching, learning and creativity.  It also has embedded binaural beats to deepen and expand your experience. Experience for yourself the power of using Quantum Perceptual Positions!

Foreground-Background Shift
Also included is an entire, original TelecoachingU class on the Foreground-Background Shift which is is how you can use what is arguably one of the most foundational pre-cognitive perceptual processes.  A simple and versatile pattern which can be used interchangeably with the techniques exhibited in the video demonstration.