Brainwaving Through the Rhizome


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Recorded from Trance of a Lifetime at Flying Pig farm, this program is an entrancing daylong foray into some of the richest, most profound information for personal and therapeutic processes I’ve researched and developed. 

 What you’ll be learning are processes which I’ve been using on a daily basis, personally and most coaching session over the past year. Simply put, combining this with the Rhizome processes has rocked my world and my clients’ worlds. 

Some of you may know I’ve been involved in different forms of meditation since I was a teen.   The information and processes in this program are the simplest, most effective forms or meditation/hypnosis I’ve encountered.

This program begins with an overview of the training and one major theme, my paraphrasing of a quote from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras:   

The way to enlightenment is to hold two contradictory ideas in consciousness and allow a higher order to emerge…

…along with some other unique metaphors to expand your experience. (If you are a Trainer you might enjoy how this segment is used to format the unconscious mind of the students.) Then we launch into how you can become a pioneer of your own Mindscape and how all of this is useful in coaching and therapy.

You’ll then be guided through a sequence of interlocking exercises to help you have a direct experience of how to create coherence and awakening your mind in unique ways.

As Milton Erickson once said, “Your patients will be your patients, because they are not in rapport with their unconscious minds.”  For him, this was the basis of any therapeutic issue.

So consider:

•What is the universal block which creates lack of rapport between our conscious and unconscious?

•What is the one brain wave frequency band which is instrumental in fostering coherence among our head, heart and gut brains?

•How can you create greater coherence and alignment?

•How can you reliably identify what likely brain wave states you or another is in, through external physiology and their report of their internal experience…without an EEG!!

•How can you learn to reliably shift your brain waves and states with purpose and precision to experience information, not usually available to you?

 Curious?  (It’s REALLY worth learning.)

Some of what you’l be learning:

•Newest findings on the neuroscience of brain waves and meditation.

•Principles of Rhizomatic Perception and their relationship to brain wave functioning.

•The science of changing the assemblage point of reality.

•The Alpha Sequence:  The proven technique to getting to deeper brain wave states.

•How to integrate the Alpha Sequence in coaching and therapy.

•How to covertly anchor trance via the Alpha Sequence to later conversational trance- work.

•Developing your own subjective references for knowing when you are in Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma Brain waves.

•How to organically cultivate Gamma Waves- the brain waves of clarity and wholeness.

•Scripts for the Alpha Sequence and Expanded Awareness.

•Annotated course manual.

Also included are two audios to fortify your experience!

•Intro to the Rhizome – This is a 30 minute overview of the Five Principles of Rhizomatic Perception.  Repeated listening to this will change how you experience the world, not just in coaching, but in Life.

•Brain-waving through the Rhizome:  From the Alpha Sequence to Gamma TelecoachingU Master Class audio.  This will provide you with valuable information to deepen and expand what you’ll be learning in the video.  It goes into further depth about how to cultivate gamma in a grounded way as well as the relationship of the five main brainwave patterns and the Rhizome.

Includes manual.