Backing into No-Thingness




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3.5 Hours

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This three and a half hour program is a combination of live video from Trance of a Lifetime and expanded TelecoachingU (TCU) Master Class.

The video includes a one hour segment of explanation of the processes which will be demonstrated a well as supplementary information. The content is an integration of the jaw dropping cutting-edge research of Donald Hoffman and the prescient brilliance Carl Jung’s Depth Psychology.

Also included is important psychedelic research which sheds a light on brain functioning and its relationship to mental health issues and therapeutic efficacy.

You’ll learn all you need to know to do the Backing into No-thingness process, a profound, flexible process.

All this is followed by a virtually content free demonstration which employs a chain of three amazingly effective techniques which produces a profound hypnotic effect.  You’ll witness lots of elegant hypnotic language.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a two hour TCU Master Class which goes into much greater detail into theory and research which supports the techniques with mind blowing information.

Content Includes:

Transformative models of Perception, Consciousness and Reality Construction: Conscious Realism, Analytic Idealism and Depth Psychology, all of which can’t not expand one’s notion of consciousness ness and realty

Alpha Sequence – This is embodied technique, based on physiological levers,  is the most efficient sequence/chain to calm beta waves and encourage greater amplitude of Alpha waves.   This is a universally useful process for coaching, therapy, hypnotherapy and meditation.  (includes script)

Expanded Awareness Induction – Another embodied technique utilizing both exteroception and interoception processing.  Like the Alpha Sequence, this can be used as a standalone intervention or used in combination with other interventions.

Backing into No-thingness – How can you simply take a client outside of spacetime to No-thingness?  Based on the newest findings in quantum physics and neuroscience this is a simple process to access the VOID, nothingness, which needs almost no explanation, no non-linear language patterns, just some basic attention-attention-shifting.

This flexible process can be used as a rapid induction; a seamless pattern interrupt; a way collapse unwanted states and beliefs; and a process to de-identify from the “I”.

Default Mode Network and Consciousness  – What is it and why is it important to our experience of consciousness?

Psychedelic Research – What are the actions of psychedelics on the brain?  What is the single most important predictor of therapeutic success in psychedelic assisted therapy and how can we ecologically simulate them in coaching and therapy?

The Nothing…But Just Enough … End State Energy Exercise This is a loaded protocol chains all embodied processes along with amazingly effective conversational Mind Liberating Language constructions.

Full TCU Manual

And much more!  Seriously.


Demonstration includes:

  • Virtually Content Free Hypnotic Coaching
  • End State Energy elicitation
  • Sliding auditory anchoring to create different levels of trance
  • The Alpha Sequence
  • Expanded Awareness
  • Backing into Nothingness
  • Precise use of suggestion both direct and indirect
  • Spontaneous use of metaphor and anecdote
  • Seamless conversational fractionation to produce time distortion and amnesia.
  • Manual Pages used during demonstration

And a few other surprises…