An Overdurfian Take on… Epigenetics and Reconsolidating Introjects


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An Overdurfian Take on Epigenetics & Re-consolidating Introjects

Epigenetics is perhaps one of the most exciting developments in neuroscience and now in coaching and therapy.  Epigenetics is the study of how external conditions can modify the expression of genes. 

Genes were once thought to be static and fixed.  While our genetic sequence is relatively fixed, the expression of our genes is anything but that! 

Science estimates each gene we possess can express itself up to 30,000 different variations.  In many ways this is the resolution of the “nature vs. nuture” question.  

Nature hardwires some very important capabilities in us based on our ancestors, distance and very recent like our parents and grandparents.  Part of this hardwiring is the ability to learn at exceptional rates in a way that changes our brains, based on the environments we find ourselves in.   Namely, neuro-plasticity:  your brain’s ability to change itself, structurally and functionally. 

New research suggests basically all we are from our physical constitutions and conditions,  to emotional reactions like trauma,  phobias even beliefs and identifications can all be transmitted epigenetically from our parents and ancestors.  

This three part video program is chock-full of eye opening information with can truly change your perception of what is possible for you and for those whom you may coach.

It includes step by step instruction on the best pattern I know to work this way:  Re-consolidating Introjects, as well as artistic uptime and deeply hypnotic demonstration of the pattern.  This is a very effective, tried and true, way to change the potential expression of your genes, through coaching and therapy.

The Content Includes:

Recent, very practical research in the field of Epigenetics on what control we have over our genetics, and how.

What is the arguably one of the most important research findings in the history of psychotherapy and how can you use it?

How to active reliable neuroplasticity

Using Overdurfian Hypnotic coaching as the basic framework to do epigenetic work

What are introjects and how do you identify and transform them?

What are the nuances of the Re-consolidating Introjects process which make a  HUGE difference in the effectiveness of the techniques.

The demonstration includes:

  • A dramatic example of an epigenetic fear response
  • Preframing and use of presupposition to create response potential
  • Seamless utilization of hypnotic language and humor: ambiguity of all types, pauses and embedded commands
  • Chaining reframes and themes to resource states
  • Alpha sequence to facilitate trance development
  • Creative and subtle use of voice tonality  to create receptivity and responsiveness.
  • Kinesthetic backtracking to elicit linch pin of the fear response
  • Spatial and linguistic anchoring to create stable dissociation
  • Reversing sub-modalities of fear
  • Context reframing of triggers of the problem
  • Catalepsy to facilitate unconscious searches
  • Foreground-background switching in trance
  • Indirect suggestion for selective amnesia

To name a few.  And, the list goes on!