A Glimpse Inside… TranceForming Values


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 Aligning Your Unconscious Blueprint for Living Your Life

This is a creative a synthesis of Hypnotic Coaching, traditional values work from an NLP perspective, Vedanta, neuroscience, and my Beyond Goals model.   You learn a safe, benign way to do deep work whether it’s in a therapy, coaching or even a formal corporate context.  

Values are our unconscious mind’s blueprint for living our lives when we are on automatic pilot – which is most of the time!   How do we know how to use our time, energy and resources from moment to moment?  Our values.  

Values are the basis of long term motivation and also how we evaluate ourselves, so they get to the heart of our “why” in Life.  When they are not optimally aligned it shows up as undue stress, difficulty making decisions, and procrastination, among other things.

You’ll learn one of my favorite models for understanding change and transformation from Vendata, the Three Gunas, or Universal Energies and apply it to my Beyond Goals Model.   These serve as the backdrop for a clear, step-by- step process for eliciting values, checking for alignment and creating alignment and coherence in the unconscious blueprint for living life.

Consider for yourself or for clients: 

Ever feel torn in “either or” decisions?

Want to streamline decision-making?

Ever feel like life is more stressful than it has to be?

Want to feel more “in the flow” of your Life? 

Ever have challenges with staying motivated and getting things done?

Want to BE more, do less and get more done?

And…while we’re at it….

•What are the three universal energies which underlie every level of reality and how they relate to Values?

•How can you use the three universal energies to understand your own evolution and potential issues?

•What is the one BIG mistake many practitioners make when eliciting values?

(Clue:  It’s at the very beginning of the process.)

•How to identify key reference experiences which are the source of values?

•How can you shift values conversationally with precision?

•How can verify that values are aligned and in coherence?

•What is a common NLP approach to changing values which can be very counter-productive?  (And which approaches are more productive!)

You will learn:

•Precise values elicitation

•Using End State Energy to shift values.

•How to check for values alignment and coherence

•How to know where to intervene in the blueprint

•How to intervene to shift values into alignment

•Conversational Values Alignment using Non-linear and Inductive Language

•How to use hypnotic principles in an up-time conversational approach to achieve

deep transformation

•Re-consolidating Introjects pattern to align values

And a few more surprises:  you’ll know, when you see and hear them. : )