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A Glimpse Inside… Stress and Fear Busters


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Brain-Based Leverage Points to Short Circuit Stress Reactions

This segment covers the biology of fear, brain based leverage points which short circuit fear and stress reactions and how they can be integrated into conversational change.  What you’ll learn here is practical both for yourself as well as working with clients. 

You’ll see how to elegantly chain these brain-based leverage points so they are unconsciously triggered as well as be used as a conscious strategy a client can use in everyday life. 

•How does the fear circuity work in the brain?

•What is the central mechanism which re-routes stress reactions into more desirable states?

•What is the role of the Vagus nerve and how can you effect it to trigger coherence and relaxed-alert states?

•How can you short circuit fear from the level of the brain stem?

•What are simple ways to diminish or eliminate unwanted “self-talk” associated with stress?

•How can you short-circuit fear a the level of the prefrontal cortex to dampen the emotional amplifier (amygdala) in the brain.

Through a powerful demo with in-depth, commentary during the demo itself, you’ll see and hear how to:

•Do precise elicitation of the problem

•Elicit “End state Energy” and “Process Energy” as Resource States

•Conversationally anchor MANY states!

•Apply brain-based leverage points at the right time

•Chain Anchored States

• Use elegant, well placed hypnotic language which created very obvious results

•Segue between an animated up-time approach with more obvious trance interludes.

•Generalize the new response to other areas of life

•Recursively future pace to streamline the response.

Mini-manual with  pages cited during the training as well as supplementary pages.

…. and few other goodies too!