A Glimpse Inside… Shifting Habits of Attention


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This information is REALLY worth knowing!  It’s taken from the first day of Trance of a Lifetime.  It is chock-full of eye-opening information about change, perception, and your nervous system, which underlies Brain-Based Coaching.  

Habits of attention create neuroplasticity, be it positive or negative.  Shifting them is the most direct leverage point you can use to stimulate effective change.

This is approximately three hours of great content, which has very practical applications in for working with clients as well as living your life. It includes a rapid, content-free demonstration resolving a long standing emotional issue using attention-shifting.  

You’ll learn the step by step pattern I used and benefit from the on-going commentary during and after the demonstration.  See for yourself how  to get the same effects as obvious hypnotic induction without any obvious trancework.  

You’ll be earning how to crack the code of unconscious processing using two simple principles.  

With repeated viewings you’ll realize how much depth and breadth there is to this information!  

•What is the nature of change? How can you use this to improve your life?

•What creates the illusion we are not changing when we are?•What is one small change you can make that can have a massive effect on your life”  (It’s actually correlated with living a happier and healthy life!)

•What is the duration of an emotional state (hint: it’s not 90 seconds) and how can you apply this to everyday life and coaching others?

•What are the three factors which determine reality at every level and how can you use this in your everyday life?

What is a simple conversational pattern to shift habits of attention?

•What are two critical principles to make your coaching hypnotic?  (In fact when you use these you don’t need “inductions.”)

•What is the head, heart and gut brain model and how can you use it to create rapid shifts in you or your client’s state of being 

•How can you create coherence among your head brain, heart brain and gut brain?