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A Glimpse Inside… Allergy Relief Process


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This video is a very rich demonstration of how to combine more of an up-time coaching with a more “classic” Ericksonian approach to create powerful and effective results.  If you are a “student of the game” this is for you.
Even if you are not interested in working with people with allergies- which is HUGE niche in this day and age – you  can learn from the overall approach for how to do Overdurfian Hypnotic coaching which includes using hypnotic language and principles in a seemingly up-time conversational approach while also being able to segue into an obvious hypnotherapy approach at the right moments.  It is a way of working which gives you tremendous scope of application, whether it is in a corporate context or an obvious therapeutic context. 
You’ll learn:  
Important caveats when working with allergies
The do’s and the don’ts.  What you should know if you are going to work with allergies.
The Allergy Relief Process – the basic elements no matter what version you use.
There are many versions and approaches, but what are the critical elements?
Overdurfian Hypnotic Coaching applied to Allergy Relief 
How to blend hypnotic principles and language in an uptime approach, yet get the same phenomena and results you’d get from more classic hypnotherapy? 
Use of attention-shifting language to create elegance and simplicity in your work
What are simple questions and maneuvers you can use to create hypnotic response?
Conversational anchoring and strategy installation
While the basic allergy relief process often employs kinesthetic anchors, how can you use other sensory modalities to really increase the effectiveness?  How can you use chaining conversationally to install strategies which are very easy to verify?
How to create the conditions for deep trance while working in an up-time tempo
What are you looking for and how can you get these happening so they become a standard part of your style?
Elicitation and utilization of catalepsy and arm levitation
What is the easiest way achieve this?  You’ll see it.
Facilitation of unconscious searches to create rapid and deep generalization.
How can you use the parallel processing of the brain to re-align internal resources?  How can you verify where the client is in the process without verbal report.
How to test your work for effectiveness inside and “outside” of trance.
This is a hallmark of Erickson’s work that is not frequently taught.
And there’s more…
Demonstration #2:  Conversational Allergy Relief   
This is an audio of a very spontaneous and fairly dramatic demonstration with a course participant while I was teaching an advanced linguistics class.  The participant stayed in the audience and was actually in close proximity to the allergens.  I was not going to teach the process; it was done primarily so the participant could continue in the course, but it afforded me with the opportunity to use Linguistic Alchemy Processes to resolve the issue, so why not, you know?
The entire demo was less than 9 minutes which included, some commentary, also includes a full transcript so you can study and model the language.   Even then, you might still think, “Well, how much can I learn from something so brief?”  A LOT!  Especially since there is a….
You’ll also receive TelecoachingU Master Class:  State Bound for Change – Transforming Abstractions. which details all of the basic principles skills used in the conversational demo.  This class covers how to work effectively with abstractions and nominalizations, of which allergic reactions would be an example. 
This TCU Master Class includes a commentary of all the main phases of the demo along with critical nuances not usually taught explicitly in NLP and Hypnosis.  
In fact you’ll learn perhaps the most important principle for working hypnotically in a conversational way and the demonstration is a very clear example to help you really integrate the principle!  Curious?
Here’s all the other things you’ll learn in this class:
New neuroscience which will increase your effectiveness by “gliding on the natural tendencies of the nervous system” 
How to easily and effectively de-construct complex presenting issues 
What is the neuroscience of transformation and how can you apply directly to your work?
How to ethically create and utilize therapeutic confusion to create deep transformation?
How to use attention-shifting coaching principles to do the Allergy Relief Process conversationally?
How can you creatively use basic elements of the Allergy Relief Process to effectively transform other presenting issues?