The Opposite Game

Do you ever feel stuck in an unwanted state? (If not, we would like to talk to you) This 28 minute podcast will show you how to help yourself, and others, get out of negative states quickly, and have a bit of fun along the way.
Remember, no matter what you think you are ALLWAYS more than that!
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Intro to Attention Shifting Coaching- Part 1

Here's some of the newer information I’ve developed over the last few years.
The first file contains some background information as well a simple hypnotic loop induction with music I made to set up the content in part 2. I hope you enjoy them.
There is panning and effects on the induction and this will be a lot more fun to listen to with headphones (especially the last 6 minutes!).

Part 1: Click here to listen

Intro to Attention Shifting Coaching- Part 2

This is a Teleocoachingu class from May '08 and was part 4 of a series that has now grown to 10 parts. It features my new model of coaching called Attention-Shifting Coaching. It builds on HNLP Coaching Beyond Goals model and Beyond Words Model but takes them to a higher of level of both simplicity and sophistication. The model has evolved quite a bit since then but I thought this would be a nice entree to the subject. (One side note: since this is not edited you'll hear a reference to a Neuro-Scientist. Her proper name is Jill Bolte-Taylor.)
Part 2:
Click here to listen

Make the Shift: Foreground/Background Shift

This one is a movie in the spirit of the "rough cut" series of videos I did a while back. It's about an hour long and is a segment I taught at a Master Practitioner Training.
No guarantees, but for the best "effect" - or perhaps just out of curiosity - you may want to consider something you'd like to change before you view it, making sure to watch
all the way to the end of the trailer.
You'll understand why when you watch it. If you would like to see this on a bigger screen, you can go to iTunes Music Store and do a search on John Overdurf.
The search box is on the bottom left, and is titled Subscribe Now. You can subscribe to the Podcast, and will be downloaded into iTunes
and you can enlarge the screen.
Watch it here!

All We Are is Change

I thought you might enjoy this...It is a 38 minute video of the beginning of Master Practitioner
and contains some Quantum Physics Metaphors for your conscious...and unconscious minds.
So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!
Get it here!

Psychotrophic Grooves Samples
Here are some samples of my music for your listening pleasure.
For more information or to purchase, visit my Mind Market

1.  Going to Some Place...New 2.  Iowaska 3.  Inside A Moment 4.  Angels in Waiting 5.  Second Chance
6.  Thread