Attention Shifting Coaching

Here’s some information I’ve developed over the last few years.
The first file contains some background information as well a simple hypnotic loop induction with music I made to set up the content in part 2. I hope you enjoy them.
There is panning and effects on the induction and this will be a lot more fun to listen to with headphones (especially the last 6 minutes!).

Attention Shifting Coaching Audio Part 1

Attention Shifting Coaching Part 2

This is a Teleocoachingu class from May ’08 and was Part 4 of a series that grew to 10 parts. It features my model of coaching called Attention-Shifting Coaching. It builds on HNLP Coaching Beyond Goals model and Beyond Words Model but takes them to a higher of level of both simplicity and sophistication. The model has evolved quite a bit since then but I thought this would be a nice entree to the subject. (One side note: since this is not edited you’ll hear a reference to a Neuro-Scientist. Her proper name is Jill Bolte-Taylor.)

Attention Shifting Coaching Audio Part 2