Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself The Art of Uncommon Leadership

Hypnotically Presenting Yourself…
HNLP/NLP Trainer's Training- with a twist

Over the years, people have told me that they are interested in taking Trainer's Training, but they don't intend to certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners.
I have also heard that people are busy, and don't have 3 weeks to take the entire training and evaluation.

Guess What? You've got options!

Option 1-Hypnotically Presenting Essentials Revealed 6 Day Intensive
Only have a week, but want to become a great presenter? Great!
Option 2- Hypnotically Presenting Training without Certification
Don't plan on teaching NLP/HNLP Certification trainings? Perfect!
Option 3- The Complete Package- Training and Evaluation
Thinking about doing certification trainings in the future? Awesome!
Option 4- Reviewer Rate
Already Certified but want a refresher? This is for you!

Whether you come for the first week or stay for all three, one thing is for sure…

You will learn how to become a dynamic presenter
and have fun doing it!

What's Covered…

Hypnotically Presenting Essentials Revealed- 6 Day Intensive
During this six day intensive you'll learn the essentials, often not taught, to take your presentation and public speaking skills to the next level.

Cultivating Presence & Charisma
*How to develop the optimal training state and maintain it throughout your presentation
*How to truly "Be Who You Are" in front of a group
*How to short-circuit stage fright and have fun while you are presenting
*How to cultivate authentic charisma
*Deepen the effect of your message by using your physiology
*Develop your unique voice-  literally and figuratively
*Create impact through precise tonal anchors

Develop Unique and Rapid Rapport with Your Audience
*Build rapport with groups of any size from 3 to...
*How to quickly read an audience
*How to use group energy to create ease and economy of effort
*Develop a deep understanding of group dynamics to increase your effectiveness with varied groups
*How to handle hecklers and challenging groups

Integrate Hypnotic & Attention Shifting Principles into Your Training Design & Presentation
*Formatting the unconscious mind for optimal learning
*Become adept at communicating on multiple levels to your audience
*Creating presentations that really stick with participants well after the training is done
*Powerful principles of Attention-Shfiting to produce rapid transformational shifts in your audience
*How to use hypnotic language and suggestions to accelerate learning and install new skills and strategies

Learn Unique Overdurfian Presentation Techniques  - you won't learn anywhere else!
*Utilize universal triggers to create exceptional states of receptivity
*Stack themes to really drive home your message
*Elicit and sequence of states to create optimal learning states and transformation in your audience
*Special non-verbal techniques to captivate your audience to seed suggestions
*Advanced use of rhythm to create rapture, trance and mind-body integration
*Practical application of Non-linear dynamics and Chaos theory to increase comfort with change
*How to use naturally humor and other spontaneous moments to create to create effortless learning, transformation and...

Advanced Presentation Skills & Specialized Skills for NLP Certification Trainings
(6 days)

Advanced Metaphor and more!
*Become an artist of storytelling using compelling and practical metaphors
*How to stack themes inside of metaphors to install new beliefs
*Effective and appropriate use multi-embedded metaphor 
*Use of archetypes to intensify emotional impact
*How to mesmerize your audience with unique nested loops  - which are not just stories

Newest Neuroscience You Need to Know as Presenter
*How to teach in a way that glides on the natural tendencies of the nervous system
*How to facilitate neuro-plastcity- what works and what doesn't
*One simple skill to increase happiness and health (30 years of proven research)
*How memory really works and how to use new findings to create solid learning transformation in your audience

The Leader's Mind
*How to cultivate a leader's mind
*How to manage and thrive through uncertainty
*Quantum Coherence Training to increase your mental flexibility and dexterity
*How to motivate teams, over time, to stay on purpose and get things done

More Advanced, Unique Overdurfian Presentation Techniques - you won't learn anywhere else!
*Content Chains to install new information
*Using End State Energy to support execution of new behaviors and goals
*Priming techniques to increase ease of learning complex skills
*Powerful group entrainment processes to increase group synergy and creativity

Exercise Design and Set-Up
*How do design exercises with multiple outcomes to create ease and momentum in the training
*How to set-up exercises to increase students' success
*How to effectively supervise exercises to maximize learning as well as transformation
*How to handle questions after exercises  to increase clarity and integration

Doing Demonstrations
*How to create neurological resilience, so the demo really sticks - instead of demos that look good, but are fake
*Secrets no one else will tell you about how to do effective demos
*Demo selection principles for different levels of training, i.e., introductory, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, etc.
*Critical elements to setting-up successful demos
*How to do covert demos to inspire and format the audience to increase your pool of motivated demo subjects
*When and how to do powerful group demos

Module 3- HNLP/NLP Trainer Certification
(4 days)

Who should attend?
Most people enrolling are usually Certified NLP Master Practitioners. Proof of Certification as NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner is required for admission into the Certification Evaluation.

To take the course (without certification), you should be at least an NLP Practitioner with paid professional experience using NLP, Hypnosis and/or working with groups.
Please email me if you have questions about whether
you qualify.
Are you wondering how the training actually works? If you are, feel free to take a little tour ...


The course officially begins approximately one month prior to the on-site training in Scottsdale with a series of weekly downloads on training content,attention-shifting and other information which lends itself to self study. You are really going to enjoy this content. Almost all of this is from live trainings so you can learn on many levels, personally, learning new linguistic skills and of course training level skills.
You will also receive a thorough listing of NLP content you should study for the evaluation test if you are taking evaluation.
Also included will be entrainment programs to prepare you consciously and unconsciously for optimal learning and functioning.
On-site training

The on-site training will be intense, challenging and perhaps the most fun you've ever had at a training. You have the usual butterflies you get when you know you are up to something big.

There's an awesome breakfast with lots of healthy options that's included in our deal with the hotel, so you'll get to hang with others on the veranda or by the pool and do what you like most mornings. A few minutes before 1 pm you head over to the training room and you realize it's all starting. Here we go!

You'll be in the "TRAINING ZONE" from 1 pm to 7pm. You'll be learning far more than you'll realize in the moment, but you are learning to be in the moment and just be with the process. There will be lots of music, great insights and you'l be making some friend you'll stay in contact with after the training for sure. You'll soon discover if you didn't know already, I like to keep my trainings very informal and relaxed with lots of feeling and laughter.

Since I am teaching the entire training myself as well as supervising the exercises you'll realize we are all in this together with the goal of getting better each day. To provide you with even more attention, you'll be benefit from the amazing staff of VERY seasoned and talented Certified NLP Trainers to assist during exercises. ( I am blown away at how the quality of our assistants- both as trainers and people!)

The first few days you will be using your physiology and voice to create purposeful shifts in the audience and poignancy in your delivery while we support you to express all of who you are in a naturally dynamic way.

You'll be feeling the stretch, and enjoying it. You'll learn how to really have fun while using new, exceptional skills that are not widely known or taught.

By now you'll have had more time to explore the the amazing venue and its surroundings. You can enjoy inspiring conversations, lounging by the pool, quiet time...who knows?

We'll be done early enough most evenings so you can have wonderful end of the day conversations over dinner and/or to practice what you have learned during the day if you feel like it.

As the days go by, you begin realizing you have learned more than you thought from the preparation material as well as how the training is designed.

You'll come to understand that you are noticing things you weren't before. That's because you are experiencing unconscious formatting with the conditioning you really need to become a great presenter.

As time goes you, you'll learn how to use hypnotic principles and patterns in any setting and experience the power of conversational fractionation, embedded commands, pacing and leading and the appropriate use of ambiguity in presentation.

Half way...day off... whew!
Take a trip to Sedona or chill at the pool, this is an easy day to catch up and get ready for the next week of training.
So many options to choose from. It's ALL up to YOU.

By now, you'll be
integrating anchoring and chaining and using attention-shifting linguistic skills to create outrageously transformative states in your audience. You will realize your skills have been kicked up a few notches from where you started!

As the days go by you'll be flying with advanced patterns in stacking themes,metaphor and getting high quality "real time" coaching so you get better and better.

You'll have to opportunity to do entire presentations of selected topics as well as practicing critical elements- the really cool moves - that make this style of training so engaging and entrancing to audiences.

When I asked for feedback on to how to improve the trainer's training experience, most people felt they needed more instruction to fully understand the nuances of doing successful, live demonstrations.
For the first time in all my years of doing Trainer's Training, the
last two days of the training will be devoted to doing demonstrations of NLP processes and techniques. This is a rare opportunity to learn skills that many well known trainers don't have.

You may have noticed there are many trainers
who avoid demos like the plague.

I want the Trainers that I have certified

to excel when it comes to doing live demonstrations.
It requires the greatest amount
of skill and flexibility
than pretty much anything else you can do
if you are teaching
NLP or Hypnosis.

If you are taking certification evaluation you will get a third day of doing demos, but now you have the benefit of fully understanding how to do them successfully.

Trainer's Training Concludes-- CELEBRATION!

After twelve days of fun, challenge, many breakthroughs, making connections you enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and we will take time to make plans for putting your new skills into action. We'll hang out together let it all sink in. : ) Mmmmm.
Certification Evaluation

If you are going on for certification you'll have one day off, then proceed to evaluation. The first day is the written test which will comprehensively cover classic NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner content. You will most likely have known months ahead what will be covered, and you will have plenty of time to prepare on your own as well as having lots of prep with
others who are going on for evaluation, so you will be prepared.

In years past, virtually everyone has passed the test, It is by no means an walk in the park and is something you can be proud of.

The next three days of evaluation consist of two days of presentations and one day of doing demos. For the presentations, you can use the presentations you've done previously during the training. Both presentations need to cover classic NLP content taught at a Practitioner or Master Practitioner training.

The other component is the demo day. You'll have already seen and had ample time to practice each of the possible processes that you could be evaluated on.
You will select your demo subject from your group, teach the steps and get the shift. BUT like I said you'll have SO much more practice and instruction up-front, this will feel like another teaching day where you can learn more nuances as the day progresses.
You are CertIfied! CELEBRATE!

Of Course, there will be yet another celebration!
You will know you've been through a real high point in your life and that you truly earned your credential. Along with that you will be feeling your connection to a lineage
when you return home.
A new chapter in your life is beginning...

OK! After all that If you want to know more about
the course content, certification and enrollment
options you can
find them here

Why not learn to talk your walk? Teach what you teach from your own experience. Be who you are and go in the direction that is right for you.

When you come from being, you realize there is not nearly as much to memorize, rehearse or even hide. You do have to be cool with making mistakes, having flaws and having people see them but then you may realize it's not as big of a deal as you thought. You become free to be you and evolve in a way that is you, naturally...presenting...yourself.