Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself The Art of Uncommon Leadership

Hypnotically Presenting...Yourself
Course Content and Enrollment Details

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The optimal state in which to teach and train
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How to increase your ability to accurately read your audience's unconscious responses
How to use your body to add power and conviction to your message
How to use your voice to create multiple levels of communication
How to use your body and voice to create irresistible and predictable responses in your audience.
Hypnotic principles which can be used in business and corporate settings to increase learning and create transformation
How to elicit and sequence power states of learning and motivation
How to design presentations from a 20 minute speech to 12 day trainings
Installation of beliefs and values to add power to what ever content you are teaching
Key universal strategies for optimal learning
How to present hypnotically to trigger accelerated unconscious learning
Brain entrainment strategies
How to stabilize states of optimal absorption and learning in an audience
How to have fun, being you in front of an audience of any size
The art of storytelling, use of compelling and practical metaphors from short anecdotes to complex extended metaphor and multiple-embedded metaphors
How to move an audience to action
Chaining states to create entertainment and massive transformation in your audience
Priming the brain for learning whatever you are teaching
Formatting the unconscious mind
Become armed with the information and techniques that are rooted in the most current proven research
Powerful Principles of Attention-Shifting to produce rapid unconscious shifts in your audience
How to handle questions for increased clarity and transformation
In-depth training in doing demonsrations
Deliver a message that is factual, informative and emotionally powerful!
The Details

Course Dates: Home Study
Preparation for Hypnotically Presenting...Yourself

June 15th, 2017

On-site Training Dates

Hypnotically Presenting Essentials Revealed
July 10 - July 15th, 2017

Hypnotically Presenting Trainer's Training
July 10 - 22, 2017(July 16 is day off)
NLP Trainer Certification Evaluation
July 24- 27, 2017

Training Hours
1 pm to 7pm with some additional morning sessions

Course Location:
Scottsdale, Arizona
Gainey Suites
7300 East Gainey Suites Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
(480) 922-6969

Non- Refundable Enrollment Deposit: $500.00
Includes all Pre-course MP3s and pdf manuals.
Balance of tuition due 14 days prior to the start of the training.

Early Bird Registration by June 15, 2017:

$2995.00 Essentials Revealed 6 Day Intensive

$4995.00 for Hypnotically Presenting Trainer's Training

$3495.00 Reviewer Rate

Special package:
$5995.00 for Trainer's Training and Certification Evaluation Tuition

Registration after June 15, 2017:
$3995.00 for Hypnotically Presenting Essentials Revealed
$5995.00 for Hypnotically Presenting Trainer's Training
$6995.00 for Trainer's Training and Certification Evaluation Tuition
$4495.00 Reviewer Rate

Cancellation Policy:
Non- Refundable Deposit will hold your seat in the training, and you keep the Preparation materials.
The remaining balance of $4495.00 is fully refundable with written notification received 10 business days prior to the first day

of the training.

Optional Certifications Available:
Certified Trainer of NLP
Certified Trainer of HNLP
Certified Trainer in Brain-Based Training and Teaching

Certified Trainer of NLP and HNLP Requirements

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Successful completion of Hypnotically Presenting...Yourself
Successful completion of Certification Evaluation
a. pass comprehensive written test of classic NLP Practitioner and
Master Practitioner information.

b. successful presentation of 2 content areas, one from presentation done at Trainer's Training and one must be a new topic.

c. successful demonstration of a classic NLP process or technique on
Effective management of mental/emotional state and behavior
Agree to and sign ethics agreement
Payment of evaluation tuition (included in full training and certification package.)
Payment of One Time Certification fee - $200.00

Certified Trainer in Brain-Based Training and Teaching

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Certified Trainer of NLP/HNLP
Attendance at all Brain-Based Teaching Modules